Cloud Advisory Services

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey by Aligning with Critical Business Objectives

Companies are facing pressure to enhance their business and deliver results at speeds that match the expectations of internal and external consumers. Having an actionable cloud strategy for IT to deliver digital services to it’s end consumers, is the foundational requirement to meet the needs of the on-demand generation. Cisco® Cloud Advisory Service will work with you to create a cloud roadmap that uses a phased approach with measurable milestones to help optimize potential, encourage agile practices, and achieve value at each step along the way.

Our Cloud Advisory Service is specifically designed to align strategies with corporate visions, with each business objective further decomposed into IT objectives to assess and align the required capabilities. From inception to delivery, Cloud Advisory Service is positioned to partner with you to meet your unique goals in every phase of your cloud transformation journey through aligned, accelerated, and actionable guidance (Figure 1).

We offer the following advisory services:

Strategy alignment and cloud roadmap: We help you create a strong foundation for your cloud strategy so you can achieve the benefits of cloud adoption and virtualization.



Maximize the impact of your cloud services across your organization using a custom roadmap based on corporate strategy and business objectives.

Optimize investment in your digital transformation and accelerate cloud adoption by enhancing people, processes, and technology.

Reduce risk by identifying common problems that impact most cloud initiatives, such as governance, security, compliance, and cost overruns.

Accelerate the alignment of organizational goals and capabilities, from business objectives through technical capabilities.

Showcase the total business value received from the cloud and the benefits achieved throughout different stages of the cloud journey

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